Monday, October 24, 2011

Romantic Villas at Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a country located in Central America. The word “Costa Rica” is a Spanish term which holds on the meaning ‘rich coast’. The population of Costa Rica is nearly 4.5 million. Costa Rica holds on highest literacy rating and it is 97% which is considered the highest. The national flower of Costa Rica is the guaria morada, an orchid. The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish and people mostly converse only in Spanish. Another interesting fact about Costa Rica is it has no military force. Irazu is the giant volcano in Costa Rica and it is 11,259 feet.

Located in herradura beach, is the colina los suenos which just a perfect place for a vacation either family gatherings and it is also a perfect place for honey moon couples so as to understand each other with a long lasting unending happy life. The villa has a large twofold terrace which is absolutely a perfect place to begin the day with a coffee and wind it up with cocktails. The villa is cool in the morning as the unit is facing west to the sunrise. Thus it is an exact place for vacation.

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